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Desktop Calendars

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Hello, friend!

I'm happy you're here. =) I'm just doing some super-quick, prep-time, throw-it-on-there blogging right now. Haha! But, I'm so far ahead of the game right least in this one, tiny, itty-bitty thing. Here are desktop calendars or the ENTIRE 2016-2017 school year to brighten up your computer world. 

I included two different formats for this year because I felt like my calendar right in the middle was taking up too much space. But, that might be different for y'all and you like the big calendar in the middle. So, I included both formats and you can choose which one you like best as you go. I hope these bring a little joy to your daily to-do's and you remember what a blessing you are to so many! Much love from me to you!

Click the image to download next year's desktop calendars for FREE! Be sure to check in for new little happies as the year goes on. =) Enjoy!