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31 Back to School Freebies for K-2

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It’s BACK TO SCHOOL season!! Oooooh, I’m just so excited for a brand new school year, so I thought I’d help you start your year off with a bunch of free greatness to use with your class! I’ve included  freebies from some AMAZING teacher mamas, so scroll on through to check out 31 freebies that’ll be perfect to use in your kindergarten, first, or second grade classroom. And if you need a few more free ideas for your classroom, sign up here and I’ll send you freebies and updates through email! 

Okay, as promised: 31 FREEBIES. Here you go! Click the name of the freebie to go straight to it!

1. Back to School Freebies - Alleah Maree

Games, puzzles, and worksheets are a super fun way to start your year! These activities are sure to keep your little learners entertained for a bit.

2. All About Me Back-to-School Craftivity - The Stay at Home Teacher

OOOH, everyone loves a good craft! This adorable apple craft is the perfect way for kids to tell you all about themselves. It’s perfect for getting to know your students at the beginning of the year and sharing about yourself too!

3. First Day of Kindergarten Lesson Plans and Checklist - Carolyn’s Creative Classroom

Need a few ideas for how to start off kindergarten? This freebie includes crafts, tips, tricks, and organization ideas for you to use from the very beginning. Also, there’s a checklist included, so THAT’S super helpful and nice! Haha.

4. Learning Objectives Display - Briana Beverly

Show off all the amazing stuff you’re learning in class with these cute learning objectives headers! They’re bright, simple, and a great way to display your objectives in your classroom.

5. First Day of School Signs - Easy Teaching Tools
Taking lots of good pictures on the first day of school is such a fun way to remember where it all starts out. Grab these super cute first day of school signs to document your students’ first days in your classroom!

6. Back to School Welcome Note {Popcorn Theme} - A is for Apples

These popcorn themed notes are a fun way to thank people for “popping in” for Meet the Teacher or Open House! Simply attach to a ziplock of popcorn and you’re all set!

7. Back to School Math Activities - Katelyn’s Learning Studio

Back to school math work can be super fun with these hilarious jokes and riddles! Use them as an extra activity, fun math assignment, or even homework!

8. Reading Tips Brochure to Parents from Teachers - A Teachable Teacher

This brochure is GOLD. It gives parents a bunch of great ideas for how they can help their child throughout the year with important skills like reading and writing. Totally perfect for Meet the Teacher or Back to School Night!

9. Back to School Kindergarten Assessment - Keeping My Kinders Busy

Quickly figure out where your brand new kindergarteners’ learning is starting with these free, simple assessments! These are a great resource to use at the very beginning of the year.
10. Phonics CVC -At Family FREEBIE - The Curious Hippo

This little freebie is a super fun way to practice the "-at word family! Using a hands-on approach, your students will love getting to work on this activity as they practice some crucial phonics skills.

11. This School Year Will Be the Best Freebie - Stories by Storie

This idea for an activity is a really fun way to look forward to the school year with with your students and build your classroom community. It provides you with ideas for books to read and activities to complete to create a class book!

12. Back to School Bingo Posters Activities - The Kinder Life

Starting the year by playing games is always a good idea! Grab your students’ attention with these simple, fun bingo posters and start building your classroom culture right from the start.

13. Class Book for the Beginning of the Year - Literacy with the Littles

This class book is a super fun way to get to know your students and encourage a sense of belonging and teamwork at the beginning of the year. Also, it’s editable and SO stinkin’ cute!

14. Primary Homework Log - Fun in 401

This resource is a great way to help your students take responsibility for their learning and keep your teacher world organized when it comes to homework!

15. All About Me Craftivity Freebie for Back to School - Coffee Beans and Children’s Dreams

This "all about me” craft is really fun and the perfect way to encourage your students to share about themselves and get to know each other. The activities included would make a really cute bulletin board or door decoration!
16. Bus CVC Word Building Mat - Little Learning Moments

Working on spelling and reading CVC words at the beginning of the year can get monotonous, so spice it up with this school-themed, hands-on approach.

17. Find and Cover Numbers 0-10 FREE - Brittani Black

Want to incorporate fine motor skills with your academics? Gotcha covered! This activity is a simple way for students to practice identifying numbers as they use pom poms, unifix cubes, marker, crayons, or any other manipulative to practice their fine motor skills at the same time.

18. Memory Progress Books - Little Mrs M

Having students document how the year starts and finishes is a really sweet way to help them see how much they’ve grown. This freebie allows students to create a book to see how much they’re learned throughout the year with you!

19. First Day- Hooray! - Little Owl Academy

Looking for a few cute printables for your little learners? Here they are! These worksheets are a great way for kindergarteners to practice coloring, writing, drawing, and even gluing.
20. Back to School Vacation Creative Writing Activity - Look We’re Learning!

This creative writing activity is a super engaging way to hear about what students did over the summer break or tell about places they’d love to visit someday. Writing prompts and instructions are included!

21. Rules for Kindergarten Mini-Book - Katie Roltgen

We all know that kindergarten friends need a lot of practice and repetition when it comes to expectations, especially at the beginning of the year! This booklet is an awesome way for students to show their interpretation of the rules and draw examples of expected behaviors.

22. Back to School Parent Survey - Bow Tie Guy and Wife

Back to school time is the PERFECT time to make sure you get to know your students’ parents! These surveys are an easy way to build your relationship with them from the beginning and get their input on things coming up in the classroom.

23. Poetry Folder FREEBIE - The First Grade Roundup

This freebie is a great way for students to practice reading and color matching at the same time! Check out this cute poem and the activities that go along with it.

24. Back to School Letter Matching Center Activity - Teach Glitter Grow

Starting the year off using a “hands-on” approach whenever possible is a great way to encourage engagement. This letter matching freebie is a perfect center or small group activity that uses fine motor skills as well as letter knowledge.

25. 1st Grade Back to School Baseline Reading Assessments - iHeartLiteracy

Knowing where your students’ need to start learning is so important to their success! So, these free assessments are an amazing way to figure out where your first grade students are learning currently so you can make a plan to get them where they need to be.

26. Line Up Chant - KTP on TPT

Oh, hallway behavior! You tricky thing. Haha! Check out this cute little chant to sing after you teach hallway expectations and before you venture out to take a bathroom break as a whole class of 28 tiny humans.

27. Dear Teacher - A Beginning of the Year Activity - Spatial Projects

This activity is a wonderful way for students to introduce and share about themselves in a way that’s comfortable and easy. It includes writing a letter and completing pages to share about their themselves.

28. Reading Logs for Primary - FirstieLand

Reading logs can be a simple way for students to track their reading progress and give a sense of accomplishment in reaching a reading goal. Written and picture versions are included, so they work for any grade level!

29. Apple Bulletin Board Letters - CookFamilyResources

If you’re almost ready, but need to pull your room together with a little fall fun, these apple bulletin board letters are the perfect addition. They’re great for bulletin boards, labeling big sections of your room, or even decorating your door!

30. Back to School FREEBIE - Elementary At HEART

This editable freebie includes a couple forms for YOU, the teacher, to stay organized and efficient. And, did I mention that they’re editable?? Because THAT’s super convenient! Haha.

31. Welcome Brag Tags - Ashley’s Goodies

These brag tags could be a nice addition to your classroom management strategies! Use them as rewards, allow kids to give them to each other for amazing behaviors, and allow kids to save them up to work toward an end goal/reward.

So, there you have it! 31 back to school freebies for you to use in your classroom this year. I hope you found a BUNCH that will help you stay organized, help your students feel welcomed and excited, and start to build your classroom community from the very beginning.

Let me know if you’ve seen or created any amazing back to school freebies that you just can’t start the year without! I’d love to see the resources you already love to use.

Wishing you a magical back to school season!

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