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Halloween Math Activities

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So, I'm that teacher loves to have a few different options for the ways my kiddos are practicing their skills. I love to use different kinds of interactive notebooks as much as possible mostly because I love that they get to practice and show off their skills in many different ways. Flapbooks, foldables, color-and-cuts, solve-and-sorts, task cards, partner games...if it's practicing our target skill and it's something SLIGHTLY different than how we practiced the day before, I'm absolutely a fan! 

So, on this lovely rainy weekend, I decided to create a few fun ways for my kiddos to practice their 2-digit addition and subtraction skills. We have worked through learning to add 2 and 3 digit numbers for the past two weeks, using a lot of little resources in my Addicted to Addition: Interactive Math Notebook. We're moving onto 2 digit subtraction this week, INCLUDING regrouping, and I know from experience that this is a tricky one to master! Haha. So, the most practice, the better. We'll start with some activities from Amy Lemons' Double Digit Subtraction unit and then move onto what I spent part of this rainy day creating, my Halloween Addition & Subtraction Activities!  

We'll have lots of task cards to practice solving word problems with, an addition and subtraction sort, and even some color-by-number after solving some math problems! I'm super excited to try out these fun little happies with my littles this week. My students really love to mix things up and practice in different ways, so I know they'll enjoy them too. And, thanks to Krista at Creative Clips Clipart, they're super cute and Halloween themed with happy little Franken-guys! Haha. I love it. Probably one of my favorite quick things I've created so far. 

So, I hope this resource is helpful and makes you smile. =) Enjoy your weekend...hoping you get some much needed rest. Love and hugs from me to you!