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Interactive Math Notebook FREEBIES!

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What A Week!

Oh my! What a week! It's been quite lovely, actually. The temperature has been between 85 & 95 degrees all week, which, in Texas, is totally a hint of fall!! YAY!! So, being the crazy fall-lover than I am, have been sure to wear all my favorite sweaters and boots whenever possible. Haha! We also worked on our main idea task cards outside on the benches in our playground area this week because 65 degree mornings are DELIGHTFUL. They loved it ALMOST as much as I did. Hehe!


Saturday Adventures and Freebies!

Starting the weekend with a bang...

So, after a great week, my weekend has been extremely adventure-full so far too! After taking my sweet man to the airport to go to one of his good friend's wedding reception party, I headed home. As I walked up to the front door, I noticed this small, unwelcome visitor waiting for me. Of course, as soon as my hubby is gone, all the wackiness comes out! After some research and asking around, I found out that this little guy is a baby diamondback rattlesnake!! I grew up in Phoenix-flipping-Arizona and NEVER saw a rattler, and I move to Texas and have them squirming around the front door. NOT my idea of fun. So, my VERY sweet neighbors came out and helped me get him away from the door and such. Saved the day! =) And the rest of the night was full of cookies and milk and grading oodles of papers. Adventure-full, like I said!  


But, even though it was actually a super wonderful week, I definitely have succumbed to those allergies that everyone always says that we Texas-dwellers will contract after our third year of living here. I honestly believed it was a bunch of hullabaloo that anyone would even think this possible, but I have been proven wrong. So, after a lovely morning with coffee with friends and checking out the Chalk Walk in Round Rock, TX, I headed home for some Advil and a nap, which seems to have worked for now. 

However, on the up side, sitting around a little bit has given me the opportunity to create a couple little freebies as WELL as blog!! So, yay for that! We just finished up our place value unit, took our test, and my littles totally ROCKED it! I was so proud! =) So, now we are moving onto addition, starting with the easy, review stuff. We started with doubles and doubles plus one, the commutative property and breaking numbers into tens and ones/making tens to add numbers together. Those interactive notebook pages and spinner games are all HERE in my Addicted to Addition Interactive Notebook Unit! So, we used those this last week and THIS week, we are starting to add two digit numbers and include regrouping. Hence, these little freebies! They are a part of my Addicted to Addition Interactive Notebook Unit too, but I have these particular parts themed for fall and Halloween, so I thought they'd make a fun freebie! You can click the pictures to download them from TPT. =)

There is laundry to fold and cookies to eat and sleep to have now, so I must be off. But, enjoy those freebies! I hope they're helpful in your classrooms with your sweet kids. And, if you like these little freebies, check out my Addicted to Addition Interactive Notebook Unit! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends! Thanks for reading!