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Back to School!!

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My Sweet Class


Oh my gracious, so it has been SO long since I've blogged! I promised myself I'd be better, but butter my biscuit if i haven't been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Sheesh! Well, I'm here now. Yay for that!

This new school year has been so FULL of so many good things so far! I'm feeling SO blessed! I have a group of kids who are absolutely adorable and smart and so sweet. They are funny and oober talkative and I feel like I just got a really good bunch.

I'm also a "mentor" to two new teammates this year, so I've been having lots of fun showing how we've done it in the past and learning new things from their experiences too.

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Building numbers with different base ten block pictures! This unit, Numbers Every Way, is available in my TPT store.

Building numbers with different base ten block pictures! This unit, Numbers Every Way, is available in my TPT store.

TPT Creating

Another thing that I'm REALLY enjoying this year is all the practice I've been given in making new things for TPT so far! I'm not the biggest fan of all of our curriculums, but I've found amazing ways to supplement the curriculums we have by either buying things from my favorite TPT-ers OR by just making little things myself! It's amazing what you can do when you need something fun and engaging that still demonstrates understand in of a concept for your kiddos! Mostly, I've been working on making a place value / number forms unit that has a kinds of ways for my kids to show off their place value skills. Finding ways to build numbers with pictures was tricky, so I made a little cut and paste activity for that, as well as some open number line practice! I know my kiddos were having a hard time knowing how to place certain numbers on a number line, so this little freebie has some easy, fun ways to practice this concept, including a cut-and-paste activity to check for independent understanding. 


So, as I need something new and fun, I make it, and then share it in my store. I figure that's a super simple, effective way to share things with y'all WHILE I'm getting things accomplished for my own class. And gosh, if there's one thing I've learned about my littles this year, it's that they ALWAYS like when it's something new or different than the day before. Haha! So, I'm constantly trying to think of a new way for them to practice the same skills. Definitely a challenge, but it's been lots of fun too! It's been an adventure!

Crafty Inspirations


We've been making lots of crafts, learning all our class and school procedures, and getting to know each other better. We did this cute "Math About Me" craft from Melissa at First Grade Smiles and the kiddos just loved to tell all about themselves with numbers!

Then,  we made these cute little writing pencils from Amy Lemons at Step into Second Grade. We've also been starting to discuss how to be a good partner and team player...thinking of others, using kind words, taking turns, all that fun stuff. ;) They're getting better at it with lots of practice. 

Well, it's off to coffee shops and the library with the Hus for a glorious Saturday, full of extra sleep, laughter, and some much needed relaxation. Thanks for joining in on the fun!

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