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5 Winter Goodies for Teachers

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Hey y’all!

So, before I dive into these 5 winter goodies, let me just tell you that saying that it’s been a “really long time” since I’ve written a blog post would be the understatement of the CENTURY. It’s literally been forever. I’ve been teaching, buying a house, being pregnant, changing grade levels, having a baby, and transitioning to being a “work-at-home mom”. Sooooo, it’s been crazy to say the least, but I’m back and so excited and ready to share these new finds with you!

Okay, so, getting down to business. 5 goodies for you and your classroom this winter season.

1. David Rio’s Tiger Spice Chai Mix

Holy goodness sake, y’all…this stuff will change your mind about chai if you don’t already love it. And if you DO already love it, you’ll be so happy you found this new level of chai goodness. Cold weather just always makes me crave hot chai tea. They serve this at a little coffee shop here in town and I would drive across the entire city to get it…until I found out what kind it is and that I could buy it on AMAZON. It’s a powder that easily dissolves into your favorite milk (I love Fairlife or almond milk personally) or water. I make it in a small pan on the stove, you could definitely steam your milk and then add it to the powder or whatever you normally do for your milk in the morning. It’s even good in coffee, for some caffeinated chai yums! Anyway, try it and let me know your thoughts.

2. Aerie Play High Waisted Pocket Legging

These LEGGINGS. They’re super comfortable and cozy for those cold winter weekends at home grading, lesson planning, or enjoying some well-deserved down time. After having a baby this year, these are the perfect comfort pant and I more or less LIVE in them.

3. Holiday Write and See Resource 

My students are always getting a little bit gripy about writing around this time of year, so I bust out this resource to keep them engaged and practicing their writing skills as much as possible. I assign these as a station activity, leave them as an “early finisher” choice, or leave this as an option for free writing time. This keeps things fresh and fun when you’re at the end of the

4. Treehouse Knit Socks

My toes are constantly cold in the winter and these socks are basically a hug for your feet. I wear them around the house and in my over-sized boots, like rain boots. They’re super thick and soft, and come in a whole bunch of different colors and patterns. If your feet need some love like mine do, you probably need some of these cozies.

5. THESE No Prep Sub Plans

Your students, your kids, your family, your friends….everyone seems to be coughing, sneezing, and wiping their noses. Hooray for the change in weather! Haha. So, with all those germs being passed around, it’s just smart to have some easily preppable sub plans on hand JUST in case. These ones from Kaitlyn Renfro are super engaging, easy to prepare, and super affordable. So, if you feel that ache comin’ on, snag these, print them out, and stay in bed this morning. Winter break is just around the corner!

There you have it: my top 5 favorite things so far winter 2018. I hope you found some goodies in here that you can use in your classroom to help life be more snuggly. Sending you warm, happy, healthy wishes this chilly season!

Happy teaching! Xoxo!


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